A commission is any project, which I am hired to do, specific to a client’s wishes and needs.

Commissioned work can run the gamut from artistically rendering that quotation that you jotted down on a now folded-up and worn-out piece of paper, to very formal certificates, commemorations, or even one-of-a-kind keepsake books or journals.

Because each commission is so different there is no one set price. Pricing fluctuates to suit the job at hand. Determining a price for each commission takes into consideration the overall ‘size’ of the project (length of quotation, type of certificate needed, etc) and certainly reflects the following aspects:

  • a set-up fee
  • the approximate overall time on task to complete the job
  • basic supplies (paper, ink/colors, nibs/pens)
  • gold leaf and/or other materials as warranted.

The commissioned pieces shown here are samplings of what I have done and am able to do. I love challenges, and the prospects of new and different projects!

Please contact me for a project you have in mind and after a discussion about details, I will give you a free estimate.