Lettering Art

I consider ‘Lettering Art’ to be any type of calligraphy–from very formal and traditional to completely the opposite– that attempts to interpret and reflect through the use of letters and words, a particular quotation, theme, concept, or idea. Lettering Art certainly contains aspects of ‘fine art’ but the main focus is primarily on the lettering, which is intended to grab the viewer’s attention and draw him/her into the piece and to connect with it on some level. Any artistic embellishments, color, and/or artwork, are there to enhance the power of the lettering. Lettering Art can come in any form: broadsides, art books, 3-dimensional projects… If there is a surface to write on, then it can be turned into Lettering Art!

Most of the samples you see here are my own interpretations of words and quotations that have moved me and have great significance to me.

If you are interested in prints please contact me and we can discuss options.

Or perhaps you have some of your own words or a favorite quotation which move you and you would like them to come onto the page…??? Please contact me so we can talk about ways to accomplish that. Pricing for Lettering Art pieces will be determined similarly to commissioned work.